Introduction our Koi Carp Farm

Our koi carp farm is one of Thailand’s largest carp farms which was estblishe on year 2016. Our Koi carp farm is located on an area of 40 acres near Bangkok, Thailand. The farm and compartment system has been certified by the Department of Fisheries to have passed strict hygiene standards, and to be free from the Koi herpesvirus (KHV). Jeda Aquatics Ltd. started to export exports carps worldwide since year 2018. To assess our quality of our facilities and carp health, we are greatly delighted for you to take sample carps from our farm to a lab of your choice for KHV checking or any other diseases needed by your country requirement.

Jeda Aquatics Ltd. is not another middleman like most other koi carp exporters in Thailand. We breed our own carps so that we can control the quality of our selective breeding to obtain the healthiest and best features of the carps we aim for. We use a systematic approach to control every stage of our breeding process: feeding, breed selection, environmental controls, monitoring for infections, analysis of diseases, etc. When necessary, we quarantine our carps according to the best industry practices to prevent or limit infections. Our packaging technologies are designed for causing minimal stress to the carps during extended transportation periods. Before exporting, we double check every shipment of our carps for infections. This helps reduce mortality rate during transport and after delivery.


Jeda Aquatics Koi Carp farm is located on 40 acres of land, with the following facilities:

Growth pond: 22 ponds
(2,500 m 2 each) for growth
Stock for large carps:
62 tanks (36 m 2 each)
Stock for small to medium
sized carps:
162 tanks (6.5 m 2 each)
Spawning & Hatchery: 14 tanks (12 m 2 each) for selected parental brood stock fish

We supply B Grade / A Grade and Premium Grade koi fishes to Thailand local market. We also ship our carps to you all year round. Our stock includes fishes as small as 2.5” (6-7cm) to 25” (more than 60cm). For butterfly kois, we supply B Grade and A Grade stocks ranging from 2.5” (6-7cm) to 16-22” (40cm). We have kois with different patterns for your choice. We also breed to order according to your needs (as we sell what we breed from our own farm, we may need for customized orders).

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